Why Birch Canoe?

Birch Canoe is a metaphor for my management and writing practice. The canoe is the original platform for commerce, travel, and community development in Canada.

A Canoe is an intimate space, where paddlers get to know one another and come to rely on each other’s specific skills. Paddling starts with basic strokes that take a lifetime to perfect. Those strokes bring pleasure and safe navigation in rough water. An expert paddler composes customized solutions for any water, obstacle and destination.

A canoe is a vehicle in which to satisfy curiosity, build relationships, and explore opportunities. Paddling a canoe is restorative. A canoe’s pace allows time to observe details, to experience more of the world, to engage, assess, resolve. 

Birch Canoes are made from available materials, constructed with innovation and ingenuity. A well-constructed canoe tracks straight and reacts appropriately to small inputs, heading where you point it. A good canoe keeps your feet dry, delivers valuable goods and connects you with the right people.

Paddlers need to select fellow canoeists with care. The right paddler will help carry the load, navigate rough water, and heighten your journeying pleasure. The wrong paddler will make you wet, or worse.

I am here to share my management and writing experience paddling through rough water, around obstacles and through rapids.